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Topic: Community-Based Art

Kerja Berbasis Masyarakat:




Are community-based artworks really created for the good of the community? Who benefits from it? Are these community-based artworks just another form of 'silencing' and saviorism? Through this project, Mysara is questioning the ulterior motifs behind widespread and policed programmes of community-based artworks. A realm that, for many artists are, a lucrative spot to receive government funding.

Concept and outcome:

  • To create a satire proposal, looking into such initiatives.

  • The proposal will use the meme to understand structural issues when applying for grants and to understand critically community-based artworks (one in SG and one in Indonesia) and to relook at them critically.

  • Research will be done by surveys and interviews with Singaporean and Indonesian artists to research on their own understanding of community based art projects.

  • To question: who are such projects for, and do they really help and protect the marginalised (second meme)

  • How do you create art projects that engage and is accessible to all layers of community with care and without exploitation.

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