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Performance Art - Indonesia

Author choose not to use archive warnings, Syagini 'Cagi' Ratna Wulan, Arahmayani Feisal, Arahmaiani, IVAA, Art Jakarta, Performance Art, The Past Has Not Yet Passed, Trigger Warning, Drama, Seniority, Langgeng Art Foundation, Breaking Plates, Plagiarism, Art Stage Singapore, Catharsis, Breaking Words, MACAN Museum, Melati Suryodarmo

A young aspiring performance artist is trying to break into the local scene, hoping to be just like her idols. The scene is a world full of drama and conflicts. One day, she find herself being caught in a whirlwind of a major plagiarism conflict between two of her favourite artists. She is troubled by the fact that she is the only one that knows the truth about the claim!

Language: English/Singlish/Bahasa     Chapters:1/?     

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